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Welcome in my personnal portfolio free website.

This website is made mostly for my self and for some friends. Even so other peoples might find interesting things into the pages.

The content of this website was find with the keyword "Free". There is also many links.

The content and links make them have more audience, more visits on there site free.

No money and profits of any kind is made to this site and to my self.

I want to thank the many peoples and websites for there help and there free content.

Thank's also for many major search engines making my personnal website and it's content findable into the top search results.

Just to mention fiew: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Microsoft, Etc. Etc. Search Engines.

Without them this free personnal website could not have much content in it.

Also would be difficult to find on the internet.

So it is important for my self to tell them many thank's.


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Preview of some of my old world visit image.


ICI Premiere (French Radio)

Glad to give them more audiences and visits free. Not making any profits of any kind with it. French News

Weather Montreal (QC)

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