Sylvain Favron Personnal Portfolio Website

Thank's to heliohost and others for this website

Welcome in my personnal website

This website is made mostly for my self and for some friends. Even so other peoples might find interesting things into the pages.

Also the content was find on the web with the keyword "Free". There are also some links, that show other websites.

The links also can made them more visible online. No money and profit is made in anyways.

  • We hope that the navigation of this website is simple.
  • You can read the terms at anytime.
  • You can try to contact us, but we cannot garantee you a response; and even cannot garantee that your message will be sent and be received.
  • I have updated in november 2017 the search engine and fiew others
Like it is said: This is only a personnal portfolio website. No matter that you come from Canada, United-States, France, Australia, Mexico, England, Russia and much more. Thank's for your Visits and reffering us. Thank's to the major search engines making us know and others help.