Thank's to Heliohost and Others for this website

Welcome in this page about my free Futurepinball free PDF guides manuals.

I hope that you'll like it, find it of good use and easy to understand.

Without the help of peoples, these manuals oriented for Futurepinball would not be possible to exist. So a big thank's to all of them.

Thank's also for giving me the permissions and authorizations that i do printscreen images. These screenshots had been put into the pages to explain more visually things.

Dont hesitate to recommend my free pdf guides to other peoples and use them.


My First PDF Guide Tutorial

My Second PDF Guide Tutorial

My Third PDF Guide Tutorial

My Fourth PDF Guide Tutorial

My 5th PDF Guide Tutorial "Some Modeling Infos"

My 6th PDF Guide Tutorial "Some Basics with Milkshape3D"

My 7th PDF Guide Tutorial "MameWah for Futurepinball"

My BforArtists 3D Modeling Software PDF Guide

File to Control the ball to test games PDF Guide

My None Official OpenOffice Text PDF Guide


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